Old clear glass soda water bottles can make a good item in your antiques section

Soda water has a long history. Joseph Priestley discovered it in 1767. Soda water has a huge fan following. It gained popularity initially as naturally found soda water was considered healthy. Even now it is used for relief from ailments like indigestion. In the beginning it was available in glass bottles. You may find several people who enjoy collecting old clear glass soda water bottles to keep in their antique’s collection.

In United States attempts to bottle artificial mineral water in marked containers was done around 1835. However, it was around 1838 that Eugene Roussel who introduced a new bottle for the artificially charged water that he bottled and served with various added flavors. That’s where the craze for glass soda water bottles started. In around 1845 to score over his competitors Roussel designed the first cobalt glass soda water bottle which again became a craze in the industry.

There are several types of old soda water glass bottles that may be found. Though clear glass bottles gained popularity the cobalt glass, green grass bottles were very popular. Usually if you find the old Seltzer bottles you may find something embossed on it. For e.g. while undertaking research for this article online I came across a very simple but attractive clear glass seltzer bottle more than 75 years old. Another beautiful bottle was a blue glass Joe Netke Antique Seltzer bottle. The label on the bottle is intact and the overall look of the soda water bottle is attractive. It can be a good collection item for your antiques section.

Now we hardly find glass soda water bottles in use. However, way back pop bottles were mostly used. You may have even seen in those old movies, children picking up clear glass soda bottles from the streets to take them back to their local store. Earlier you could get 6d or a penny back on soda bottles returned. The old system surely was a great way to recycle, something which can be useful now and safer too for our environment.

There are several other old classic bottles that may be found if you browse different sites selling old collectible items. The bottles were very fancy and interestingly shaped. One I found was a tall bright aqua glass one with applied blob top and smooth pedestal base. Another one is 8 inch tall with a tooled crown top and smooth base. One from Bay view bottling works Seattle Wash can be a nice part of the collection. It is Hutchinson type soda bottle with a ten sided mug base. One mineral water bottle about 11 inches tall has a figural shape in the form of Mosses. It is very attractive and in good condition.
As compared to earlier times you would not find clear glass soda water bottles in use anymore. The old bottles have become collector’s items with fancy bottles and interesting embossing telling about their history. Some hard core fans of soda water in glass bottles even feel that the soda water and other carbonated drinks taste better from glass bottles than the plastic bottles and cans in use now.

If you find an old clear glass soda water under a tree around your home, check details on it and see how old it is and who were the manufacturers. It could be a good addition to you antique’s display.