Soda water dispenser

Soda water dispensers at home allow you to easily have as much soda water in as many flavors as you want

Soda water or carbonated drinks have become a staple in our diet. Every time you feel thirsty you would mostly reach out for a soft drink. Soda water, seltzer water, sparkling water are healthier than most other carbonated soft drinks. If you like soda water, bottled water can be pretty expensive. It is better to have a soda water maker or dispenser at home. If you like to have soda water when you go out, you may have seen soda water dispenser, similar to those for soft drinks like Pepsi and Coke. You can find several types of dispensers for commercial use as well as home use.

Typically what you may be already using for a sip of soft drinks at restaurants or convenience stores are the soda fountains or dispensers. Soda water is made by passing pressurized carbon dioxide in water. As carbon dioxide gas is released, it bubbles and gives a fizzy taste to water. Joseph Priestley invented soda water in 1770’s. In 1806 Benjamin Silliman a Yale chemistry professor took in three partners and built a bigger apparatus to sell mineral water. In 1832 John Matthews of NYC began manufacturing improved soda fountains. The industry grew and soda fountains became popular at retails outlets. Such fountains are not found anymore. Now there are self serving soda vending machines selling pre packaged soft drinks. However in restaurants you may find soda water and soft drink dispensers

There are different types of soda water dispensers available. Companies like sell home soda bar dispensers with the restaurant type quality. They use the latest and most advanced technology. They are designed to give you highest quality tasting soda. Generally these dispenser systems include a self contained soda syrup refrigeration unit with carbonator, CO2 tank, flojet soda syrup pumps, Wunder Bar soda gun, soda syrup separator, syrup brix cup and high and low pressure CO2 regulator and supply lines. These systems can be installed easily in a few hours.

Another popular dispenser is the Everpure Exubera Carbonated and Chilled water dispenser. It is mainly designed to work with Everpure’s point of use filtration products. It is a good alternative to bottled or canned soda for use at home. You can use it to make Italian sodas with gourmet syrups and fruits. It is possible to use less sugar and avoid preservative when you are making it at home. You can even adjust fizz levels in soda water by adjusting the regulator of CO2 canister. It is popular for its compact size. It can chill water down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It has an output capacity of 6.6 gallons per hour. Moreover you it has an easy access via sink top accessory faucet.

Enjoy serving healthy carbonated drinks like soda water, sparkling water and soft drinks to the entire family. You are contributing towards saving environment by reducing the use of bottles and can which are very often dumped into the refill pit, rather than recycled. If you want to have good quality soda water with your favorite flavors you can always keep a soda water maker or a soda water dispenser handy at home.