barnstead water purification system

Barnstead water purification system uses effective water filtration technique. The deionization quickly removes solids and gases from the water. In deionization systems cartridges contain positive and negative ions which removes contaminates from the water. This work in two steps, in the first step chamber absorbs metallic ions and replaces them with hydrogen ions. In the second step it absorbs the remaining negative ions and produces negative hydroxyl ions. This process gives you purified drinking water.

A Barnstead water filtration system is generally used in medical laboratories and research facilities. Because this system is compact and very effective in producing pure water for sensitive analytical procedures. This system has high level user interface functionality. Also UV water treatment systems are available; this treatment combined with a deionization water filter system results into pure water.

Some Barnstead water filtration systems are:
Barnstead international-Nanopure Diamond Base Unit: This system is effective for sensitive analytical procedures such as ion chromatography, atomic absorption, ICP and high-wavelength HPCL.

Barnstead International-Optional Nanopure Diamond Remote Dispenser provides recirculation of the water results into elimination of any dead volume. All parts of this system are of non-contaminating material. At the point of dispensing it includes a hollow fibre 0.2 micron final filter which results into bacteria and particle-free water.

Barnstead International-Nanopure Diamond UV/UF is the latest water system in the market. This system includes advance ion exchange and filtration technologies, ultra filter as well as a dual wavelength UV lamp. This system has the ability to remove RNase and DNase nucleuses and DNA from challenged feed water. Because of all advance technologies this system produces ultrapure water. This system is ideal for molecular biology applications such as electrophoresis, PCR, as well as cell and tissue culture.

Barnstead B-pure cartridge water purification system has one interesting feature that you can customize the water system and add additional cartridge holders. The capacity of this system is very good; it produces per minute 4L water.

Barnstead Easy-pure RF water purification system is ideal for laboratories where you need water with low organic carbon content and small quantity of regent grade water. This RF system uses pre-treated water either previously distilled, deionised or reverse osmosis. It produces water with organic carbon content less than 5 ppb and resistivity up to 18.3 mega ohms-cm. The water produced by this system is very high in purity and processing is also very quick.

The Easy-pure RF system has three filter cartridges. Also there are several choices of cartridges for your exact specifications of water purity. For example for deionised pre-treated water you can use one pre-treatment cartridge and another for reverse osmosis or distilled water. Available cartridges are ultrapure mixed bed cartridge, Easy-pure high purity TOC cartridge etc.

The installation and maintenance of the cartridges are easy, because it uses distilled water as input water. This system provides very pure reagent water with incredibly low carbon content and bacteria-free as well. Also this system requires little maintenance and it is easy to use. So this is very ideal system for labs where you need less than 15 Litres very high quality water.