Water filtration and storage systems ready at hand so that you do not suffer due to contaminated water during emergencies

Clean and fresh water is precious. However it is becoming harder to find water sources which are not contaminated with some pollutants. Similarly during emergency situations like floods, hurricanes, it is highly difficult to find clean and pure water. Considering all factors it is necessary that you have some water filtration and storage system in place which would help ensure that you have clean water for use, at least for drinking purpose. As a part of your emergency plan you can arrange for water storage tanks, water filters and purifiers, purification tablets and so on which can effectively provide you with clean water.

During emergencies need for water filtration and storage becomes even more evident. You can live without food for weeks but not without water. In times of emergencies like tornadoes, hurricanes, floods it is always better to be prepared if you have been warned in advance. The things that may be kept in your emergency kit may include items like water barrels, pocket water filters, water pumps, water containers, water purification tablets along with other things.

Water storage is also very important. If you have maybe a 55 gallon water barrel, it can store water that would be sufficient for you for drinking, cooking and sanitation. A minimum storage may help you survive for some time until things improve. The barrels available are usually heavy duty, thick, polyethylene food grade plastic barrels. Usually these are designed to last tough conditions. They are mostly dark blue in color to enable growth of harmful algae and bacteria. These are easily portable. You need to ensure some precautions like keeping water covered, so that water does not deteriorate in quality.

As a part of your preparedness you should ensure there are water filters and purifiers at hand. Stored water may not be entirely free from contaminants. There are filters of varying sizes and capacities available. Right from 26 to 60000 gallons of water can be treated. There are filters like the Katadyn Hiker water filter which have the capability to eliminate bacteria and protozoa and even pesticides and chemicals. Another useful container is the Lifeguard 7 gallon water container and filter. Water is filtered as you pour it and there is no need for any pumping. It can filter about 200 gallons of water.

There are some collapsible water containers available. With these at hand you have your kit ready and it does not take up much space either. Water bags and collapsible water containers can hold about 2 gallon to 5 gallons of water. It is also preferable to keep water filter cartridges at hand so that any damage due to wear and tear of the filtration system is taken care of when in urgent need. Similarly, filters like the Big Berkey that has storage as well as filtration capability are of great help. These are even useful in places where there is no electricity or plumbing. They are handy and highly effective in filtering most contaminants.

There are various types of water filtration and storage systems available which can be useful anytime. You can ensure clean and pure water supply if you have handy water filtration and storage systems.

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