Healthy drinking water is the corner stone from which to become healthier in general

Healthy foods and healthy drinking water are both key to a fit and healthy body. It is surprising to many people just how healthy water is for the body. Keeping properly hydrated can flush toxins out and help you loose extra pounds caused by the body retaining water.

The human body can last far longer without food than it can without water. Becoming dehydrated can be incredibly detrimental to the health of your body.

Food and drink consumption has increased tenfold over the decades. Most western countries are plagued by obesity problems because of a poor diet. Bad food is not the only issue when it comes to obesity. There are proven links between increased consumption of unhealthy drinks such as soda and increased weight gain.

The problem is that sweet soda pops are far more appealing than simple h20. Soda is sweet, meaning it tastes ÔbetterÕ. Soda is also more strikingly packaged than water. This presents a serious problem, especially in our consumerist society where looks are far more important than actual content.

Many people feel water is too bland. Bottled water manufacturers have brought out ranges of still and sparkling bottled water that have had flavours added to them.

These flavours are usually fruit based i.e. strawberry. The problem is some of the ingredients used are not particularly healthy. There are also homemade options. Anyone who has used a SodaStream maker in their time will be well aware of the numerous options when it comes to flavours. They will also be aware of the fact that back in the 80Õs the flavours were not very high quality. These days technology has improved considerably and now the flavours are far tastier and healthier.

Many companies sell syrup based flavours that are mixed into the drink. Although these may taste better than previous incarnations and are most definitely healthier they still have a small calorie content in them.

There have been efforts to change the way people eat and drink. Overall it has been a success with people beginning to understand the problems that can occur through a poor diet. Consumption of bottled water has gone up considerably and soda consumption has gone down.

Pure drinking water is not necessarily the best type of water to drink. This is because it lacks the vitamins and minerals normal still or sparkling water has because of the way it is made. It goes through a distillation process, which very effectively rids the water of any contaminants as well as useful minerals such as magnesium.

Healthy drinking water is the corner stone from which to become healthier in general. Fr those on diets or who are interested in looking after their body but also want their water to taste of something, a large assortment calorie free flavours to flavour sparkling water to great taste is sold at