Only drinking water as a part of your normal everyday diet

Only drinking water as a part of your normal everyday diet is the most effective way of staying healthier. It is better at hydrating your body than soda and is the best cure for many of the creaks and pains we experience as we grow.

There are many different types of water to choose from when shopping. Some super markets have whole shelves dedicated to the different suppliers of bottled water, whether it be sparkling mineral water or just still mineral water. Whilst all the products are essentially the same (there is only so many ways you can bottle water), where sparkling water is concerned, each supplier adds its own ingredients to the water in order to replicate the salty taste of homemade sparkling water.

Companies have realised over the decades that there are people out there who donÕt drink enough water purely because they would rather drink a soda that tasted of something regardless of its nutritional value. Many companies have come up with different flavour water as well as syrups and flavours that can be mixed into sparkling water.

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In western countries, safe drinking water is not hard to come by. All the water we drink is treated in some way to make sure it is safe for human consumption. This is why it is quite dangerous for westerners to drink tap water in some eastern or African countries because the drinking water is not safe.

Our immune system is somewhat weaker so we cannot handle the germs that may have contaminated the water.

People in the west can take this easy access to clean drinking water for granted and indeed we make very bad use of our water resources.

Over 40% of all water usage in the EU is wasted. That is a huge amount of water when you consider the population of the EU is just under 500 million people. It is projected that water consumption in the EU is expected to grow by at least 16% by 2030. If there was more done to conserve water this rise in thirst could easily be quenched many times over without having to look to new sources.

Having a diet of only water can actually help cure or prevent certain illness. Heartburn is actually caused by dehydration in the gastrointestinal tract and even though taking antacids help, without water to hydrate the body it will keep coming back. It is also claimed that water (plus a small amount of salt) can help cure and prevent serious arthritis.

The pain in the joint is the body signifying that there is a lack of water in that area.

The list of cures from a diet of only water goes on and on. It can treat back pain, asthma, it is good at lowering high blood pressure, migraines and angina. People have become too reliant on pills that can actually do more harm than good. Water is not just a nice refreshing drink; it is the best way of keeping our bodies healthy.