Iron sulfur water filters to remove odor and bad taste from water

Among the common contaminants in water are iron, manganese, sulfur, chlorine, etc. Iron itself is not harmful to our health but can cause quiet a discomfort. The combination of iron and sulfur causes water to have a bad taste and foul odor. It may not leave your water potable. Sometimes a combination of other contaminants like chlorine, e-coli, etc. are also present which can make water simply undrinkable. In such places it is necessary to have iron sulfur water filters installed, so that you can get clear and fresh water for drinking and other purposes.

Water contains dangerous levels of iron, sulfur, manganese, chlorine etc which can cause several problems to plumbing fixtures and appliances like water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, humidifiers etc. The unsightly staining caused due to these contaminants as well as the smell and discoloration makes it important to install iron sulfur water filters. Hydrogen sulfide in water leads to rotten egg smell. There are manufacturers like Ecor environmental. Culligan, Brita, etc who offer high quality iron sulfur water filters which can do a good job of removing contaminants from water. They are effective in improving the taste of water. The oxidizing filters are preferred for removal of hydrogen sulfide, iron, etc. These filters are similar to iron filters that contain manganese dioxide coating. There are several different techniques that are effectively used to remove iron sulfur from water.

A very popular iron sulfur water filter is the American Plumber W-410-ISF whole house filter. It uses the Greensand filter media and under bedding#162602. It has the ability to reduce dissolved iron (up to 5 ppm), sulfur, manganese (up to 1 ppm) and hydrogen sulfide. It, however, does not have the ability of pH correction. It works well in the pH range of 6.5 to 8.5. The system requires backwashing which it does automatically with potassium permanganate. It can thus flush out oxidized particles and regenerate itself. The whole backwashing cycle is controlled by a reliable meter. The benefit is the reduction of the rotten egg smell caused due to sulfur / hydrogen sulfide in water as well as substantial reduction in the staining caused by iron, manganese and sulfur in water. Moreover, it also has the ability to remove manganese which often causes black stains. You need to change the greensand and under bedding#162607 approximately after every 5 years.

Another popular iron sulfur water filter is the Iron Breaker 3 unit. It is a chemical free unit that uses oxygen concentrated in a tank to oxidize high level of iron and sulfur from water. It uses a patented air injection system which is built into the control head to create compressed air bubble inside the tank. It super oxidizes the iron and sulfur when it enters the tank and the filter media present traps the iron and sulfur. It is later flushed off down the drain. The advantage of this filter is that it does not require usage of any harsh chemical cleaner in appliances and fixtures.

There are several other iron sulfur water filters which effectively remove these contaminants from water. If you already have a whole house systems, RO systems, etc, then some of these filters can even be added to the existing filtration. Overall it is advantageous to have iron sulfur filters and get freedom from staining and rotten egg odor.