Iron well water filtration systems ensure you get clean and pure water for all purposes

You can hardly avoid iron seeping into the ground and getting into your well water. Usually existence of iron does not cause any health problems. However, the pathogenic bacteria that prosper on iron may be harmful if they have entered well water. The iron in well water is often the cause of deterioration of plumbing fixtures. The solution lies in installing well water iron filtration systems. Iron well water filters help remove iron particles from water and some also have the ability to remove the dissolved iron from water.

Well water may have ferric iron or iron particles and ferrous or dissolved iron. If you analyze type of iron that exists you can decide to install such iron well water filtration system which will effectively remove iron. Ferric iron may be particles of rust, iron which would be removable with the help of sediment or carbon filters. However, if it is ferrous iron also referred to as clear water iron it may need softeners and ion exchange methodology to clean it. Ferrous iron is also called as clear water iron, as when it comes out of faucet it seems clear but when left standing turns brown or orange. Manufacturers like RainDance water systems, Brita, Aqua-pure, etc offer a range of iron filters suitable for municipal water as well as well water. Similarly, your decision on the right one for your household can be based on contamination level, it could either be point of use or whole house systems.

RainDance Water systems are known for well water and offer high quality Iron Max and Iron Eater series. The Iron Max whole house well water iron filtration systems are preferred as they are chemical and maintenance free. They effectively remove iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, etc. Moreover it can also remove or reduce bad taste and odor often associated with well water. The filtration media used is a state of the art high capacity filtration media. There is an electronic control valve controlled by a timer which initiates backwashing automatically to clean filter bed before next period of filtration. The company also has the Iron Eater series filter designed for twice as much iron and four times as much water hardness as Iron Max. Salt or potassium pellets are the only things needed in addition for backwashing. It effectively filters higher levels of ferric and ferrous iron, manganese and hard water.

Iron well water filtration systems are extremely beneficial for any household. The staining on bathroom and kitchen fixtures caused due to ferric as well as ferrous iron water is drastically reduced on filtration. Similarly iron in washing machines, dishwashers is also reduced which ensures a cleaner and fresher feeling to clothes and dishes. Whether it is the whole house systems or point of use systems you can get cleaner and clearer water at every tap, and even showers.

Iron well water filtration systems are effective and may sometimes seem expensive. You can add a variety of filter cartridges to your filtering systems. To ensure quality of water and efficiency of filters, timely maintenance of filters as prescribed by manufacturers is necessary. When you buy iron filters, research and find ones suitable for the level of water hardness and iron contamination in water.