Water filters treatment systems for iron removal ensure fresh and clear water for all purposes

Iron contamination is more common in well water with water seeping through the iron bearing soil and rock. Similarly it may even get into municipal water that is supplied after purification process. The presence of iron is not harmful for health to a certain level. However, it may prove harmful if certain pathogenic bacteria that prosper on iron have entered the well. The problem due to iron arises as dissolved as well as iron particles cause problems to plumbing fixtures and give a metallic taste to water. That makes it necessary to have water filters treatment systems to remove iron. Iron filters work towards eliminating iron particles from water thus ensuring better taste as well as prolonging life of fixtures.

Generally contamination due to iron may be in two forms, ferric iron or iron particles and ferrous or dissolved iron. Depending upon the type of iron you would need water filter treatment systems. Ferrous iron is also called as clear water iron, as when water comes out of faucet it is clear but turns red or brown if left standing. Clear water iron can be removed with water softeners and filters. Typically you need to use sediment filters, carbon filters, etc to remove the iron and rust particulates. RainDance water systems, Brita, Aqua-pure, etc are some of the manufacturers who offer iron filtration systems that can effectively filter iron and other contaminants from municipal water or well water.

There could also be other contaminants like chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, dirt, cysts, etc. Similarly iron, manganese and other heavy metals may also exist and lead to an unpleasant metallic taste to water. The staining of plumbing fixtures and laundry is common indicator of iron in water. The whole house iron water filtration systems are often first choice for many. Counter top as well as under sink iron water filters which may also have replacement cartridges can also be used. The level of contamination of iron and other pollutants would be the deciding factor.

If you already have a whole house water filter treatment system then an iron filter can be added to it. It can be installed on main cold water line after pressure tank or water meter. Some iron water filters contain manganese greensand that removes contamination with an oxidation process. These filters improve water clarity and substantially remove taste and odor from the water. You would notice substantial reduction in stains from your plumbing system like toilets, bath tubs and showers. As the process does not add any harmful chemicals to water it makes it safe for drinking. If you buy cartridges for whole house or point of use systems you can easily install them. They can be used on water at varying pH range. It only requires regular maintenance and replacement to ensure efficiency of filters. There is no risk of backwashing, chemicals or any media to regenerate.

Water filters treatment systems for iron removal effectively remove iron contamination. You can chose the best one for your homes depending upon the extent of contamination so as to ensure clean, pure and fresh water for all purposes.