Ditch bottled water for a water bottle with filter

If you thought that shelling out obscene amounts of money to buy packaged bottled water each time you step out of your house was the only solution to good health then think again. Anyway you look at it a water bottle fitted with a filter simply offers you a better choice. You can now ditch bottled water for a water bottle with filter and enjoy drinking uncontaminated drinking water to your heart’s and wallet’s content.

Packaged bottled water is a costly affair especially if you play sports, travel a lot or love to hike or trek towards distant mountains. Buying bottled water is not green since the manufacture and transport of bottled water uses up a lot of energy in the form of electric power and fuel even as it depletes precious groundwater sources. You also need to regularly drive to your nearest store to buy bottles of bottled water and also need to return disposal bags filled with empty bottles to the store. These empty bottles are then consigned to flames that pollute the atmosphere or buried in landfills that take numerous years to disintegrate.

The main problem is that even as bottled water manufacturers try to convince you that their water is superior to ordinary tap water, you actually have a better way that is not only environmentally-friendly but also cost-effective in supplying totally pure drinking water. A water bottle with filter is an ideal alternative to bottled water or risking drinking water from contaminated sources. This bottle is a Godsend if you travel a lot, play sports that make you sweat or simply love to trek, jog or cycle. You can now remain safely hydrated without causing a drought in your pocket.

The purification process that occurs in a filter is caused by various layers of resins and other elements that each specialize in allowing a specific chemical or mineral to pass or stop. This filter is made as a cartridge that can stop harmful cysts and disease-causing micro-organisms such as e-coli from passing through. Mercury, lead, cadmium, iron and other heavy metals are also stopped in their dubious tracks by these filters. This filtration process also eliminates most bad odors and tastes, and results in clear and pure drinkable water. After filling up the bottle at the nearest tap, pond, stream or river, you can easily get filtered water in return for a squeeze of the bottle.

There are several manufacturers that offer bottles of different sizes so as to fit in travel, gym or sports bags and you should choose the size that serves your purpose. One such company is Pur and you can visit their online or offline stores to get the right bottle that provides you with around 20 to 60 gallons of pure water before replacing the filter. When you are out of your house, this filter is almost as good as your personal home floor water dispenser, albeit minus a cooler.

You too can contribute to the green movement by switching over from expensive and hard-to-dispose bottled waters to a simple-yet-highly-effective water bottle with purifier. A simple squeeze can satisfy all your drinking needs by providing you with instantly clear and pure drinking water.