Drink cool water with filter bottle water cooler

With pollution levels rising rapidly across various countries, you should no longer rely simply on your municipal tap to deliver pure drinking water. The regulations for bottled water too are quite vague and the water itself is too costly to drink in the long run. The best option is to filter your own water at home and simply enjoy the health benefits offered by such filters. You can now drink pure and cool water with filter bottle water cooler without worrying about ill-health or high costs.

You can get filtered water in many ways. You could either buy a personal water dispenser that is either available as a floor model or a table-top model. These dispensers are just like mini filtration plants with active carbon filters to remove lead, iron, etc, ultra-violet electric rays that kill harmful organisms and ozone filters to disinfect the water. You can also opt for the bottleless model along with a cooler that directly supplies chilled drinking water without the need to invert 5 gallon water bottles over the dispenser. You can now enjoy drinking plain chilled water or even flavored water that contains no calories or sugar but simply great taste. One manufacturer that offers a wide choice of filters to suit every need is Pur.

If you do not want a dispenser then you can easily opt for the filter bottle model that can be very useful when you are traveling or playing sports. The water purification is done by filter cartridges that can easily remove bad odor, bad taste, harmful metals and micro-organisms that could play havoc with your health. These bottles also send out a green message as compared to bottled water since you will not be stuck with bags of empty water bottles that can create a huge problem during disposal. You can also opt for the faucet model but basically it is the filter bottle water that offers the most convenience as you can also take the bottle wherever you go. All you need to do is to fill the bottle up with municipal water and get pure drinking water in return.

Personal water purification dispensers as well as bottled filters are available in a wide range of colors and finishers. You will certainly like the charcoal finish blended with other colors that is available for dispensers and various colors available for the PET or bio-degradable bottle water filters. Bottle filters do not require any electric current and are hence suitable for hiking, camping, cycling and other such purposes where there might not be any source of dependable drinking water. Lugging and disposing readymade bottled water while hiking or playing sports does not make any financial or environmental sense and these bottle filters are a real boon in such circumstances.

A filter bottle water cooler is a wonderful way to enjoy drinking sparkling cool water or even flavored water in an entirely safe manner. You need not worry about discarding used bottles or paying high prices to procure new bottles. Each harmful mineral, metal and micro-organism is stopped by such filters and you simply get great tasting, pure and fresh drinking water to quench your thirst, time after time.