Drink pure water with water cooler filtration service bottleless rental services

You could be spending a fortune on buying packaged bottled water for your drinking needs and would still be left with bags of empty bottles that would certainly need to be disposed. Instead of harming the environment further, why not take a green step and drink pure water with water cooler filtration service bottleless rental services?

You might have desired buying your own personal floor water cooler dispenser that could provide you with chilled water at the press of a button or a turn of the tap. However, such machines are quite costly and you might also want to try out the resultant water before actually purchasing one. You might also not want to own one as you might not have the time to service the machines or change the filters. In such a scenario it would be easier to simply rent a bottleless cooler that easily connects to your tap and provides you with totally safe drinking water on a POU or Point Of Use basis.

There are several rental service companies within each neighborhood that provide such services. If you opt for a 5 gallon bottle model then you would still need to order for filled bottles while storing empty bottles that would need to be returned to the rental company. A bottleless model would be a green choice since it would completely eliminate bottles. You can now drink chilled water or add exciting flavors and even fill up smaller bottles when you are traveling, playing sports or even hiking or trekking into dense woods or high mountains. If you plan to stay out longer then you can also opt for a small bottle with an inbuilt filter that can accept water from any source such as a tap, a lake or a stream.

The bottleless water coolers that you use from a rental company should feature the latest purification system that not only involves reverse osmosis but also has activated charcoal or carbon filters along with UV rays that kill off most harmful bacteria such as e-coli and cysts such as Giardia. The filters should also prevent heavy metals including copper, mercury, iron and lead from entering your body and causing untold damage. UV rays that work on electric power also help in killing most germs and as a bonus you should also get water that is odor-free and also free from bad taste. You can also use this water for your steam iron and ensure that it works efficiently without scaling for a very long time.

There are several renting companies that would be glad to quote their rental rates and the services that they offer. You can be sure that the rentals that you end up paying would be certainly less than buying bottles water that anyway harm the environment in the long run. You can easily locate many rental companies online too. For example, if you stay in Tennessee then you can simply type “water cooler bottleless rental service in tn” in the Google search box or any other search of your choice and get the names of scores of service providers.

If you want to truly save the environment, get rid of empty bottles for life and yet get clear and pure drinking water without harming your wallet then you can easily opt for water cooler filtration service bottleless rental that could result in receiving clear chilled water at reasonable rates for life.