Drink safely with bottle water filters

If you have a passion for trekking or love to play outdoor or indoor sports then you will certainly need to keep your body hydrated at all times. The biggest problem that you might face is the availability of safe drinking water when you are far away from any store or supermarket. Well, you can drink safely with bottle water filters to remain fully hydrated, and that too without worrying about disposing used bottles.

While bottled water includes many processes such as filtering through activated carbon or charcoal granules, ultra-violet rays, reverse-osmosis filtration and even an ozone treatment to provide you with clear drinking water, bottle water filters offer water that is quite safe to drink without the use of any electric current. Most of these bottles are fitted with a filter that fits inside the bottle and you will need to squeeze the bottle to get pure and filtered water. All you need to do is to fill the bottle with ordinary tap water and get purer drinking water when you squeeze the bottle.

These bottles are usually equipped with a three-stage purification process that involves activated carbon filters to remove physical contaminants including heavy metals such as iron and mercury, and odors, followed by another filter that is usually made of glass fiber to remove harmful cysts, bacteria and parasites that could be harmful to your health. The third filter is usually offered in high end bottle filters and contains an iodine cartridge that kills all harmful germs upon contact. These bottles can be used for a certain amount of refills before you need to replace the filter elements that are usually available from the store that might have sold you the bottle. While your personal water purifier at home might be equipped with a cooler and larger filters, these bottle water filters still offer a high level of safety when you are outdoors playing sports or hiking in the woods. You can also choose the ideal size of the bottle for your needs.

The bottles too are available in Biodegradable form that ensures that they are green in the long run as well as the regular PET material that might pose a problem during disposal. Anyway, these bottles are much better than regular bottled water that will simply fill up disposal bags and pose a huge problem since they only end up occupying landfills or pollute the atmosphere when they are burned. Most of the better-quality filters will end up removing bad odors and taste while also stopping heavy metals such as iron, mercury, copper and lead from passing through. You can filter approximately 40 to 80 gallons of water through the filter before replacing the filter. Your sports bottle filter can thus offer you safe drinking water without compromising your health by keeping you hydrated and safe from any metal or bacterial contaminants.

Bottle water filters offer great safety and convenience without increasing the carbon footprint. These filters are easy to use and replace and are especially useful when you are traveling, playing sports or hiking in the mountains where there might not be any source of dependable water. If you truly value your health then these water bottle filters can offer you safe drinking water on the move.