Enjoy drinking cool water with filtration water cooler bottles

If you have a personal water cooler at home then you might have enjoyed drinking refreshingly chilled water without realizing some of the dangerous consequences associated with it. Most coolers have harmful bacteria lurking inside the dispensing unit and the best way to stay safe is to drink the water as soon as it is filtered through a water cooler filter. You can enjoy drinking cool water with filtration water cooler bottles without endangering your health.

You could have purchased a readymade 5 gallon bottle for your floor model water dispenser or could be simply filling the bottle from your municipal tap. Either way, this will not enhance your safety since you need to only drink water that passes through an efficient purification system just before it flows into your glass or bottle. If there are harmful micro-organisms latched inside your cooler then attaching a filtered water bottle would be of no use if the germs flow into your glass along with the water.

Filtration water cooler bottles contain a filter that fits inside the mouth of the cooler bottle. This filter thus ensures that each drop of water flows through the filter before it reaches the glass. This purifier consists of several layers of filters made up of charcoal, activated carbon, silver particles and iodine, among others, to effective remove dangerous heavy metals including mercury, lead and iron. These purifiers also stop harmful bacteria and cysts such as cryptosporidium from passing through in addition to removing bad odors and chemicals such as chlorine from your water. You are now assured of receiving crystal-clear water every time you turn on your cooler tap.

While buying 5 gallon water bottles from your neighborhood store can be a costly and cumbersome affair, you can simply fill your 5 gallon empty bottle with tap water if you are not using a bottleless dispenser. Since the filter cartridge sits in the mouth of the bottle, you are assured of safe, drinking water every time you use your cooler. This also makes green sense since you do not have to travel frequently to buy and return your 5 gallon water bottles from the store. The filtration process does not require any electric current to filter your water, thus making it even greener for the environment. These filters make even more sense if you have utilized a rental service for the cooler dispenser.

Since such water filters only stop bacteria and physical contaminants while allowing helpful trace minerals to pass through, you can enjoy drinking pure and healthy water that does not get a chance to become re-infected since it passes through the filter only at the last stage of its journey into your glass. These filters also fit most bottles and purification systems made by reputed manufacturers including Pur.

By using filtration water cooler bottles you can easily get cool and pure drinking water without falling prey to harmful bacteria, dangerous chemicals or heavy metals. You and your loved ones can now remain safe while the filters go about filtering your water to perfection.