Get a water bottle filter for filling iron for better ironed clothes

Ever wondered why your iron seems to lose its steam after some time? Ever thought how you could extend your iron’s life? Well, if you are lost in the maze of thoughts then stop wondering and take action. All you need to do is to simply get a water bottle filter for filling iron for better ironed clothes and an iron that lasts on and on, and some more.

The main problem when using ordinary tap water for your steam iron is the sheer number of hardening agents present in that water. These could be heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, aluminum, etc. There are also various chemicals present in the water that you feed to your poor iron such as chlorine and harmful micro-organisms and cysts too. The metals that enter your iron manage to cling on to its insides even after the water turns to steam and is expelled through the steaming nozzles. This is called scaling and over time this can cause your iron to consume additional electric power to perform the same functions and can also cause your iron to stop functioning.

While de-scaling an iron from inside is not an option, you can certainly prevent hard water from entering your iron’s intestines in the 1st place. Just as you would have installed your own personal water cooler dispenser with an efficient purification system at home to safeguard your health along with that of your family, so too would you have to invest in a small water bottle filter for filling your iron with soft water devoid of harmful scaling agents. The best part is that this filtration process requires no electricity and you can easily collect water from your tap or even water from other sources such as a stream and filter it before filling your iron.

The water bottle filter for your steam iron is made up of resin that usually contains charcoal along with other layers that could contain silver or iodine particles. This ensures that all heavy metals, minerals and other dangerous chemicals along with 99% of micro-organisms do not get a chance to pass through this impregnable barrier that is in the shape of a cartridge. You simply have to fill the bottle with any water source such as a municipal tap and then squeeze it after the filter has been fitted in place. The water purifier ensures that only water safe enough for your iron comes out of the bottle. This water will not cause any scaling and ensure that your iron irons your clothes in a fully efficient manner. This method is also very green if you compare it to using bottled water since there are no disposal bags of empty bottles to be considered at the end of the day. Most filters can filter up to 80 gallons of water before they require any replacement.

Your iron will last form many more years if you take good care of it by simply using soft filtered water. This method of filtering is very cost-effective and will also result in pure and safe water entering your iron. Manufacturers such as Pur by P&G have a wide range of bottles and filters to choose from and you can easily buy a water bottle filter for filling iron and watch as your iron steams on and on just as if it were new.