Go green with water filter bottles

Until now, the only choice for people traveling outside their house, playing outdoor sports or hiking in the woods was to lug gallons of water from their house or buy bottled water at regular intervals. However, there is a new alternative that not only saves money but also helps save the environment. You can now go green with water filter bottles and also get pure drinking water on the go.

You could be adequately protected at home by your personal water purifier that could also include a water cooler. You could have opted for the bottleless model that would have saved you the trouble of hauling heavy 5 gallon bottles over the dispenser regularly. You could have purchased the dispenser or might have rented it from a rental service company. But, if you regularly play sports or love to hike or jog or cycle or even if you travel a lot then you need to keep your body well-hydrated by drinking safe drinking water. Bottled water is not a cost-effective solution since it consumes a lot of energy to produce the bottles that again take countless years to disintegrate in a landfill or emit toxic smoke when burnt. You need water bottle filters that can accept water from any source, be it a tap, lake or stream and purify it into safe drinkable water.

These bottles contain filters that offer excellent protection from heavy metals that include cadmium, copper, iron and lead, harmful chemicals, minerals and microscopic organisms, and cysts and bacteria such as Giardia and e-coli. Most filters also remove chemicals such as chlorine and eliminate bad odor too. This makes the water taste good and you will be able to make out the difference when you use that water for a flavored drink or for making coffee. In fact, you can also use this filtered water for your steam iron to prevent scaling and extend the life of your iron besides getting better pressed clothes in return.

You will also become totally free from the rigors of rushing out to buy bottled water and then collecting empty bottles of the same to return them back to the store. These empty bottles have now morphed into an unsolvable environmental problem since they are very difficult to dispose. They will simply lie in landfills for thousands of years or end up causing air pollution when burnt. You can now save the environment from further damage by shifting to drinking filtered water through your water bottle filter.

The filters are normally attached to the cap of the bottle itself and some also feature a system that can warn you when the life of that filter is over so that you can replace them. These purification filters can usually filter between 20 to 80 gallons of water. You will have to choose the right size of the bottle depending on your requirement and the sports or other activity that you pursue. One manufacturer Pur, in particular, offers filtering solutions for decades and you can check their various products online or at any neighborhood store. The bottle of your choice should fit comfortably in your travel or sports bags.

Your eyes should now have been opened to the fact that water filter bottles are a wonderful cost-effective alternative to bottled water and can also help protect the environment for future generations. You can fill in water from any source and easily squeeze the bottle to get completely pure drinking water.