Personal water filtration bottles can provide pure drinking water

If you are an outdoor person that loves jogging or hiking, or even love to play sports such as football or basketball, among others, then you need to replenish lost fluids by drinking a lot of plain or even flavored water. However, you might not have a secure source for your drinking needs in the wild or on the sports ground. In such cases, personal water filtration bottles can provide pure drinking water that not only replenishes your body but also tastes good.

Your personal bottle with a filter can help prevent a lot of chemicals, metals and harmful germs from entering your body. These filters may be small in size but they act just like a purification plant. The filter itself is usually shaped like a long cartridge that contains filtering pads, silver and iodine particles and charcoal or activated carbon resin to stop almost all contaminants from passing through. These contaminants include cysts, bacteria, and heavy metals including iron, cadmium, aluminum, mercury and chemicals including chlorine, among others. You will simply receive odor-free, clear, drinking water without using any electric current.

While a home floor model filter might be equipped with a cooler and could incorporate a 5 gallon water bottle or could even be a bottleless model, a personal bottle would be quite small in comparison. However, the efficiency of the filter fitted inside the bottle would ensure that your body is not harmed by drinking the filtered water. You can easily fill your bottle with tap water if you are near such a source or could simply scoop up water from a lake or spring if you are far away from a tap. You cannot use sea water in these filters and in case you are forced to use muddy water then you should realize that the life of the filter would effectively be shortened. Usually personal water filters can safely filter between 20 to 80 gallons of water based on their size and model. Companies such as Pur have a vast range of such personal water bottles with filters and you can choose any color, shape or size that suits your purpose.

By using personal water bottles you will also be helping the environment since your only other alternative would be to use packaged bottled water. This would involve buying new bottles of water and then storing them in bags before rushing back to return or dispose them. This is not a green solution but instead burdens the environment since used bottles are very difficult to dispose. You would thus be helping the environment by filtering your water for your own personal needs.

Personal water filtration bottles have many more uses in your life as you can also use them while traveling, in emergency situations, etc. Thus, you would not only end up safe from consuming any contaminated water but would also be helping to keep the environment clean when you use these personal water bottles. You now have the power in your own hands to convert contaminated water into pure drinking water with just a squeeze of your personal water bottle.