Play it safe with a water filtration bottle

While you might be safely cocooned within the confines of your home with your own personal water cooler dispenser, you might not be protected when you are outside. If you love playing grueling sports, or love to go for long treks or simply travel often then you need to safely hydrate your body too. You should surely play it safe with a water filtration bottle so as to get the same level of protection that you deserve inside your home.

While your home purification filter could contain several stages to filter out dangerous elements such as a UV filter that works on electric current, a reverse-osmosis membrane that stops extremely small germs from passing through or even an ozone filter that disinfects the incoming water, the portable water filtration bottle only contains a small cartridge that performs almost the same service at the squeeze of a bottle. While your home filter could be a huge 5 gallon bottle model or could even be the bottleless model that might have to be a rental due to its high cost, the water bottle with filter is extremely cost-effective and you only need to replace the filter after the specified period. Your steam iron too could whistle out thankfully since the same water can also be used in your iron so as to reduce scaling and increase its efficiency.

The filter in these bottles might be small but still manage to filter out around 99% of bacteria and cysts, heavy metals and other harmful chemicals too. You can also fill up your bottle with water from anywhere including a tap in your gym or sports venue or a lake or stream near your hiking route. These filters contain activated charcoal and carbon filters and pre-filters along with iodine contained in a resin or glass fiber pack. This ensures that you get the purest water whatever your source of water. With hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes striking urban and rural areas at regular intervals, these water filtration bottles also make for excellent emergency survival kits as they can provide safe drinking water until water and electric supply services are restored.

Each environmental study now points an accusing finger at packaged bottled water bottles since they not only consume a lot of vital resources to fill but are an immense problem when it comes to disposing empty bottles. It will certainly be a green move if you shift from consuming bottled water on the go to using these reusable water bottles. The filter too can usually last for around 20 to 80 gallons before most of them indicate automatically that it is time for a replacement filter to take its place. Companies such as Pur have a wide range of purifiers and bottles to choose from and you can surely choose the right bottle based on the size of your sports or travel bag so that the bottle can fit snugly inside.

You can now stay away from the harmful effects of water pollution and avoid getting any water-borne disease by using a water filtration bottle even when you are out of your home. You can also protect the environment and stay hydrated during sports or long hikes and can also survive any emergency when you have such an efficient water bottle at hand.