Remain hydrated with filter sports water bottle

If your passion is playing outdoor sports or if you love hiking, jogging or cycling then it is important that you remain fully hydrated at all times. Since you might not get pure drinking water when you are away from your home, it is important that you do not end up compromising on your health by drinking untreated water from a dubious source. You can easily remain hydrated with filter sports water bottle while engaging in your favorite sports.

You might have installed a floor dispenser equipped with a water cooler and an efficient filter in your home and could be enjoying drinking cold or flavored water from that bottled or bottleless purifier. However, it would not be possible to lug this home filtration unit every time you go hiking into the mountains or fishing at your favorite lake. Sports such as jogging, running and tennis also drain your body of vital minerals and nutrients and hence it is important that you re-hydrate your body at regular intervals. In such a case, a sports bottle with an inbuilt water filter could supply you with instantly filtered clear drinking water. Since it would not be possible to purchase bottled water on a daily basis while also trying to dispose off bags of empty water bottles, a sports water bottle with a filter would be the safest, cheapest and the most convenient alternative. This purifier is also green by nature since it reduces the need to throw empty bottles and can be reused many, many times before replacing the filter.

These bottles contain filters that are made of several different sections. While one section contains a charcoal or carbon filter, another contains silver particles while another section could contain iodine in resin form. These purification elements effectively prevent chemicals such as chlorine, bacteria such as e-coli, cysts such as cryptosporidium, and heavy metals such as lead and iron from passing through. What you get is simply odor-free, taste-free, clear and pure drinking water without the need for any electric power. In addition to helping out for your everyday outdoor use, you can also use the sports water bottle in case of an emergency or when you are traveling out of town.

The sports water bottle is available in various sizes and you can simply buy the right size that fits in your bicycle bottle holder or your sports bag. Companies such as PUR offer sports bottles and replacement filter cartridges in various shapes, sizes and colors. You can now choose a sports bottle that not only looks smart and trendy but also delivers safe drinking water along with tips on when and how to change the water filter at the right interval. Your body can easily remain well-hydrated and safe and you would also be helping the environment by using these sports water bottles with filters.

A human body is made up mostly of water and when you engage in sports then you need to safely replace the lost water without harming the environment or your pocket. A filter sports water bottle can easily fulfill your drinking needs and you can safely drink pure, refreshing water without worrying about ill-health or dehydration.