Save time and money with water bottle filters

If you have spent tons of money on bottled water and are stuck with bags of empty bottles that seem to increase in size with each passing day then you have simply overlooked a very easy solution to your mountainous problem. You can now save time and money with water bottle filters while sending out a green message to others too.

The quality of bottled water will differ from manufacturer to manufacturer since regulations regarding manufacturing and packaging such water is quite hazy, to say the least. You could be ingesting water that has been through an intense filtration process or could just be drinking water from a river next to a polluting plant or a landfill that has not even been properly purified before being packed. The cost of bottled water can also become prohibitive after a few days while disposing empty bottles is now assuming alarming environmental proportions. An extremely simple and cost-effective solution is to use water bottle filters and get rewarded with pure and fresh drinking water.

If budget is not an issue then you can easily install a personal floor water dispenser in your home. You could also attach a cooler to your dispenser. Dispensers are either outfitted with large 5 gallon bottles or are directly connected to a tap in the bottleless models. However, these filtration units can be expensive and anyway you cannot take them when you are traveling, or playing outdoor sports, or are hiking or cycling. A cost-effective choice that hardly takes any space but yet delivers pure water even on the go is the water bottle with an inbuilt filter.

The bottle filter is in the shape of a small cartridge that is normally made up of resin, charcoal, activated carbon, ion-exchange elements, and iodine, among other purification elements. This filter can effectively stop almost all harmful microbes such as e-coli, cysts such as giardia lamblia, heavy metals such as lead, iron and mercury and bad odors, tastes and harmful chemicals from passing through. The bottle filter is fitted in the bottle near the mouth and when you squeeze the bottle, you are rewarded with clear drinking water. You can fill your bottle with water from your kitchen faucet, your municipal tap, or even from a lake or stream. This filter will simply stop almost all harmful pollutants from reaching your body and making you sick. To view and buy from a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors of such bottles, simply go online and check high-quality bottles available from Pur, which is an arm of P&G or visit your nearest neighborhood store for the same.

Now, you need not compromise your health or that of your loved ones especially when you are on the move. Various pitcher and bottle models of such filters are easily available and you can get pure, unadulterated drinking water with just a tilt or a squeeze of the bottle. Water bottle filters are easy to buy, use and replace, and this green solution to multiple environmental problems can also save you a lot of money and effort in the long run.