Sports water bottles filter out harmful pollutants

You might be actively involved in sports such as football, hockey, golf or baseball, or might also love to hike or jog outdoors in a bid to stay healthy. However, if you unwittingly replace your vital bodily fluids with contaminated or polluted water then you could simply negate all health benefits associated with your sporting activity. Luckily, help is just a squeeze away and you can now let sports water bottles filter out harmful pollutants even as you drink away to good health.

There are several problems that need to be overcome when you are busy participating in your favorite sport. There might not be a safe source of water around the venue. You could also have problems locating bottled water supplies on a daily basis, which anyway would also deplete your finances while contributing to pollution since you would certainly have a tough time in disposing off bags full of empty bottles. On the other hand, a sports water bottle along with a reliable filter only needs a municipal tap or even water from a lake, river or stream for a refill before it starts supplying you with clean and safe drinking water.

You can easily choose a sports water bottle of the right color and size for your drinking needs. The filters fitted inside the mouth of the sports bottle do the job of purification quite well and remove bad odors and tastes along with destroying harmful micro organisms as well as heavy metals from the water so as to make it completely safe for drinking purposes. Hence bacteria such as e-coli, cysts such as cryptosporidium, and heavy metals such as iron, lead, mercury and bad tastes such as chlorine meet their match when they try to permeate the filter that is made up of activated carbon, charcoal and iodine layers.

Unlike a home personal water dispenser cum cooler that could feature a 5 gallon water bottle or could even be bottleless, a sports water bottle does not have any of luxurious features but instead does the job of hydrating your body quite well. It is also a green alternative when compared to packaged bottled water since you need not dispose the bottle after every use. The filter too lasts for between 20 to 60 gallons of water before it needs any replacement. No electric power is required to filter your water and you only have to squeeze the bottle to receive clear water that does not have an unpleasant smell or taste. You should choose the right bottle that suits your hydrating needs. You can choose from a wide range of sports bottles offered by Pur before you make up your mind.

While playing sports, trekking or walking is an excellent way of keeping fit, it is vital that you drink water that is totally safe if you want to stay healthy in the long run. A purifier that stops all harmful chemicals, germs and metals from attacking your body is the best defense. All you have to do is to simply let the right sports water bottles filter out the pollutants so as to remain fighting fit for life.