Travel safely with a travel size water bottle filter

While your home might be equipped with the latest floor model of a water dispenser along with a built-in cooler, you might still be susceptible to innumerable diseases when you step outside. You need an equally effective water filter to guard your health whilst traveling. Well, now you can travel safely with a travel size water bottle filter.

Your home water filter might be able to sustain a 5 gallon water bottle or might even be bottleless. It could also use electric power to shoot UV rays into the incoming water and offer reverse osmosis as a way of stopping bad bacteria from entering your glass. However, once you leave the comfort of your home and are traveling or even playing outdoor sports, you would still require the same level of protection to safeguard your health. A travel size water bottle filter is one such tiny filtration plant that sits safely inside your travel bottle but yet supplies you with safe, drinking water.

Travel water bottles are available in various sizes and you would need to choose one that can easily fit in any of your travel bags. Filling these bottles is very simple since you only need to open the cap and fill it with either tap water or water from any stream, river or lake. You can now fit the cap along with the filter back on and squeeze the bottle to get pure drinkable water. You might be using packaged bottled water till date but you should certainly understand that bottled water poses an environmental danger since used bottles are not biodegradable and emit toxic fumes when burnt. Thus, your decision of shifting to a travel size water bottle filter will certainly be a green one.

The filter inside the travel bottle is normally made up of resin impregnated with iodine and silver particles, ion-exchange medium, and activated carbon and charcoal layers. This filter effectively removes around 99% of all harmful germs in the form of bacteria and cysts, heavy metals including copper, aluminum, iron, mercury, etc and also makes the water odor-free. It can also remove the taste and odor of chlorine that is usually used to disinfect municipal tap water. The water that is squeezed out is not only tasty but also very safe to drink and can even be used with various flavors while traveling.

This purification process provides you with safe, drinking water when traveling or playing sports and this in turn will prevent dehydration and water-related sickness when you are out on the road or in the field. While these filters remove dangerous pollutants from the water, they still ensure that each helpful mineral reaches your body without any problem. These filters can normally filter between 20 to 60 gallons of water and some even indicate when they require to be replaced. You can have a look at various travel bottles with filters made by Pur so as to make an informed choice based on your traveling needs.

While traveling you might not have access to pure sources of water and could end up jeopardizing your health even as a cure for this malady could be just a click away. You can certainly visit online stores and choose the right travel size water bottle filter so that your traveling memoirs are filled with safe and healthy memories.