Use water bottle purifiers to get pure drinking water

You might be paying a lot to get safe drinking water or could be simply stuck to your home dispenser in a bid to remain safe from water-borne diseases. Well, now you can travel, hike and play your favorite sports with ease by simply using water bottle purifiers to get pure drinking water when you are outside.

Your home could be equipped with a water dispenser that might even have a cooler incorporated into it along with a purification system. You could have opted for the bottleless model that directly connects to a tap or faucet or might have opted for the model that uses a 5 gallon bottle. You could also have chosen a filtration system that works on electricity or one that does not consume any electric power at all. However, even as you enjoy chilled plain or flavored water at home, you could simply be afraid of venturing outside without adequate supplies of drinking water or could have become addicted to buying bottled water that could prove to be a costly affair.

Since it is not convenient to boil water and pack it in huge bottles each time you travel or move out of your house to play your favorite sport, it makes logical and financial sense to opt for water bottle purifiers. There are many manufacturers that offer these bottles and Pur is one of the leading brands that can impress you with a wide range of colors and sizes for your drinking needs. You can choose a 34 oz. bottle or a 26 oz. bottle, among others, depending on your requirements. The size of the bottle should be ideal so as to fit in all your sports or travel bags. Now, all that is required to get pure and fresh drinking water is to fill the bottle with tap water or even water from a nearby lake or stream. A squeeze is all that is required to turn contaminated water into safe drinkable water.

Pur filters use filtration methods that can even be compared to larger filters. Most filters use a 2 or 3 stage purification process that includes activated charcoal and ion-exchange elements in resin form that all sit inside a cartridge. These cartridges are easy to fit and replace, and usually filter between 20 and 30 gallons of water before they need to be replaced. Larger purifiers can filter more water before they need to be changed. The filters also have an inbuilt warning system that indicates that the filter needs to be replaced. Other than regular washing of the bottle and the filter, no other service is necessary to keep the bottle in peak condition. The cost of using your own bottle with purifier too is much less as compared to using ready-made packaged water that not only depletes precious ground water but is also an environmental nightmare as far as disposing empty bottles is concerned.

You can now travel without any worries and also play outdoor sports or even hike to your heart’s content without worrying about dehydration or getting infected with harmful parasites. These water bottle purifiers will protect you from dangerous bacteria, cysts and heavy metals such as lead, mercury and iron while allowing each vital mineral to pass through. You can now drink safely within and outside of your home without inversely affecting your health or your wallet.