Water purification bottles can keep you safe

While you could stay protected at home with your bottleless floor water purifier cum dispenser that might be equipped with an inbuilt cooler, your health could be exposed to various contaminants when you travel or play sports outside your safe home. You will certainly need a product that is portable and offers a very high level of protection against contaminants. Water purification bottles can keep you safe when you are out of your protection zone in an extremely cost-effective manner.

The purification cartridge of a water purification bottle could be small in size but it actually packs quite a punch that can easily knock out most bacterial and industrial contaminants such as e-coli, giardia, mercury, lead, iron, aluminum, etc. In addition, these purifiers that usually contain activated charcoal, carbon, iodine and even silver particles packed tightly in a resin bond can also remove most bad odors and tastes. The end product from any water source including a tap, a river, a stream or a pond is crystal-clear drinking water that will help you stay safe and hydrated too. This can be especially helpful when you are traveling to places that do not have a hygienic source of water or hiking away from urban areas or even while enjoying playing your favorite sports.

Drinking pure water from water purification bottles is also considered green as compared to buying bottled water every time you leave your home. Bottled water contributes immensely towards global pollution since once those bottles are empty they either occupy landfills for incalculable number of years or simply spew out toxic smoke when they are burned. You will also never realize if the bottled water that you are drinking meets all health regulations since the laws are too hazy to spell out the real truth clearly. In addition, most of your time would be wasted in buying new bottles and collecting empty bottles in disposal bags before rushing back to the store to return or dispose them.

In comparison, bottles with filter purifiers keep on filtering water for days on end. A typical filter can easily provide you with between 20 to 80 gallons of drinking water before it needs to be changed. On the other hand the bottle itself can last for a very long time. The purified water can also be filled in your personal steam iron since it prevents scaling due to the absence of any heavy metals or corroding chemicals. The entire package of a water bottle with an efficient filter makes for a very cost-effective solution in getting safe drinking water from various sources without further burdening the environment. No electric power is required to filter the water and a squeeze is all the effort that you will need to receive pure water. You can look at various options offered by Pur, which is a company manufacturing some of the best quality bottles and filters since decades.

If you want to remain hydrated while playing sports or want access to clean and safe drinking water whilst on the move, then water purification bottles are easily the safest and cheapest option. You can simply visit an online or offline store and pick the bottle size that best suits your purpose before you squeeze your way into the safe zone.